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Quick Description

  • Superior Otterbox Brand
  • Guaranteed 100% Authentic
  • Rugged Protection For Your Valuable Phone
  • Clear Plastic Membrane Protects LCD Screen + Camera
  • Belt Clip Holster Included


THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION: (1) lcd screen and camera lens are covered by clear plastic membrane. These membranes are built into the case. Your touchscreen is still fully functional though the plastic layer. (2) Hard plastic shell covers the body of the phone (3) Black rubber skin finally wraps around the plastic case - acts as shock absorber and provides excellent grip.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone is 100% fully functional in the case with access to all buttons, headset, charger, volume, camera, etc. The silicone skin has plugs that protect the charger port and headset port to ward off dust and debris. The speakerphone on the back of the phone is protected by a ventilated screen material.

CUSTOM HOLSTER: The Defender Case also comes with a custom belt clip holster. This holster is made to fit the phone with otterbox case. The design allows you to insert the phone face-inward. The belt clip on this holster is awesome. Clip will turn/lock in 24 different positions. The clip has a slim profile so it will not extend far from your waist and bump into things. Attach to your side and always have quick access to your phone.

Bottom line, this is a great investment! If you keep your phone clean and scratch-free this will improve the resale value down the road. Cell phones are otterbox case ensures your phone will be safe. This is the ideal case for construction workers - rugged protection from drops and seals out debris. You can have your phone in an otterbox case for years and it will still look in pristine condition when you remove it. Protect your HTC Hero in style with this Otterbox Defender Case!

*PLEASE NOTE: This case is for CDMA version of the HTC Hero offered by Sprint or Alltel or Cellular South. This case will not fit the unlocked international GSM version