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  • Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

Quick Description

  • Hybrid Case Made Of Plastic And Rubber
  • Features Special Slot On The Back To Store Credit Card Or Business Card, etc
  • Slide Car-Mount Attachment Onto The Back Of The Case To Use Mount
  • Suction Cup Will Mount To Windshield
  • The Mount Can Rotate In Different Positions So You Can View Phone Vertical/Horizontal


This is not your average phone case. This case has a groove on the back that serves 2 purposes: (1) groove allows you to mount your phone in the car; (2) groove allows you to store credit card or ID card etc.

PHONE CASE: This is a hybrid case that is made of soft rubber and hard polycarbonate. First wrap the soft rubber skin around the phone. The the hard shell will fit over the top of the rubber skin. Your phone is fully functional in the case with access to all buttons and ports.

WALLET: The back of the case has a slot where you can store a card (credit card business card, ID card, driver's license, gym pass, etc.) The slot is made to fit one card.

PHONE MOUNT: The back of the case has a slot so you can slide the case onto the car mount. The mount features suction cup that will attach to your windshield. The gooseneck arm is made of flexible steel. You can flex the position to your preference. This mount is 7" long. The top portion of the mount will turn/lock in different positions and you can rotate the phone 360 degrees. The iPhone looks really cool when displayed horizontal - great position to utilize GPS or watch videos or navigate though music player.

Most other phone mounts on the market are adjustable and require 2 hands to insert/remove phone. This system allows for quick and easy installation and removal. You can use one hand - simply slide the phone off the mount in less than 1 second. This item is brand new in nice retail package so it would make a great gift! Protect your iPhone and enjoy hands-free use in the car with this all-in-one car mount system.

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