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Matte Brushed Metal Textured Hybrid Case Cover for Cricket Vision, AT&T Axia

  • $11.75
  • Save $13.24


  • Cricket Vision (N5001)
  • AT&T Axia (QS5509A)

Quick Description

  • Matted Rear Texture You Can See and Feel; Looks Like Brushed Metal
  • Carbon Fiber Design Around Trim Illustrates Professional Accents
  • Hybrid Case With Flexible Inner Skin and Hard Matte Exterior
  • Excellent Protection Hybrid Design: Dual-Layer Will Absorb Impact/Shock
  • Your Phone Is Fully Functional In This Case. Fits Like A Glove


The Matte Hybrid Case offers impact protection, shock absorption, slim design and it also minimizes thermal insulation. This case features carbon fiber accents and will resist fingerprints so your case will look great all day long.

This is a hybrid case that offers two layers of protection. The inner layer around the phone is flexible TPU skin. The TPU material is like tough rubber - it's flexible and fits like a glove. The rear polycarbonate hard shell provides excellent impact protection. Your screen and camera are recessed within the case for protection.

Your phone is fully functional in the case. You have direct access to all ports. Although this case is 2 layers, it's still slim and "pocketable." The Hybrid Matte Series offers excellent protection without excess bulk.

This case will also minimize thermal insulation. The interior geometric design allows heat to escape so you and your phone can stay cool.