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  • Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

Quick Description

  • Protect Your iPhone In Style With This Macally Candy Case
  • Pearl White And Lime Green Color Combo
  • Made Of Thick/Rigid TPU Material
  • Your iPhone Is Fully Functional In Case
  • Durable And Rugged Protection


This Macally "GLOGREEN" Candy Case is made specifically for iPhone 4S/4 models. The case is one piece and very easy to install. Simply insert your iPhone in the case and it will snap into place within the form-fit pocket. Features two-tone color design: white and lime green. The case also has green pattern that zig-zags back and forth - this portion of the case is elevated and the ribbed texture feels great in your hand.

The green portion of the case is made of a rigid TPU material. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. Basically, the material is like a hybrid cross of plastic/rubber. This TPU material offers excellent shock protection and it's flexible. The pearl/white portion of the case is hard polycarbonate material that will protect your phone when dropped.

CUSTOM MADE FOR YOUR PHONE: This case is made specifically for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models. Your phone is fully functional in the skin with access to camera, flash, headset, charger, speaker, mic, mute, etc. The case has the mold of the volume buttons and power button - that way they are protected and you can still feel/use them.

This is a great investment! You will eventually drop your phone - This cover offers peace of mind and better protection than a flimsy skin. If you keep your phone clean, safe and scratch-free, that will improve the resale value down the road. Phone already dinged up? This will cover the blemishes and make your phone look better than ever!