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Quick Description

  • Versatile Power Strip Will Allow You To Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously
  • Compact And Portable - Ideal For Travel
  • You Can Charge 7 Devices At One Time
  • Example: Charge Your Computer, Cell Phone, iPad All At The Same Time
  • Features 2 Outlets And 5 USB Ports


The Macally "UNISTRIPMP" will plug into ONE wall outlet and provide you with SEVEN powered ports so you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Once plugged in you will have five (5) USB ports and two (2) outlets ready to go. We love our gadgets (laptops, cell phones, iPhones, iPods, tablets, PDA, GPS, camera, etc) but they need power when we're on the move. Now you'll be able to plug in all your gadgets and charge them all at the same time!

USB PORTS: The four USB ports you see on the front are 1A ports so they are capable of charging your cell phones and iPods, etc. The single USB port you see on the side is 2.1A. That port provides more power so it is better suited to charge an iPad or tablet. You can use any of the 5 USB ports to charge but the 2.1A port on the side will charge at a faster rate.

OUTLETS: The power strip has two (2) ports for outlets. This is where you can plug in your laptop, AC adapter, or other electronic device.

USB HUB: There is a USB cable conveniently tucked into the power strip so you can sync devices with your MAC or PC. For example: you have your iPhone and iPod charging in the USB ports...if you connect the built-in USB cable to your laptop then you can simultaneously charge those devices with your computer.

The device has built-in circuit breaker protection with LED indicator lights and on/off switch. The power cord is 6 feet long. This item ships brand new in nice retail package.

COLOR: This offer is for the black version.

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