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  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 6s

Quick Description

  • Metallic Finish Protective Frame
  • Detailed Precision Edging And Coloring Enhance The Beauty Of Your iPhone 6
  • Easy Installation In 2 Seconds
  • Bumper Provides Hard Shell Protection
  • Showcases The Original Appearance And Beauty Of The iPhone 6


If you want to keep the original appearance of the iPhone 6 and add some protection then we suggest a bumper case. A bumper is a protective frame case that will surround the perimeter of your iPhone.

This Macally "Iron Bumper" is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate that has a metallic finish. The front/back of the phone are exposed, yet the front/back are recessed within the case. If you place your phone on a table, the phone will not touch the surface. The soft form-fitting edges are made of a flexible TPU material - this allows for quick and easy installation/removal of iPhone.

The item is easy to install. Simply insert your iPhone into the case and the frame will lock into place around the perimeter. Exact perfect fitting for the iPhone 6 with it's custom cutouts. You can still access headset port, charger port, speakers, both cameras, flash, mic, mute switch, etc. The skin has built-in buttons for volume and power button - that way they are protected and you can still feel/use them. Forget the bulky cases, this cover will keep your phone slim and sleek.

ADVANTAGES: There are many metal and aluminum bumpers on the market but that alloy material will interfere with reception. Macally wisely made this bumper with polycarbonate so you will not have any interference issues. The metallic finish looks fantastic! In addition, this case is lighter and more comfortable to hold.

COLOR: This offer is for the METALLIC PURPLE version.

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