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  • Universal

Quick Description

  • Go Hands-Free In The Car
  • Adjustable Padded Arms Expand Wide To Fit Any Phone On The Market
  • Twist-And-Lock Design Is Designed Specifically For Dashboard Surface
  • Also Fits Your Phone With A Case
  • Will Turn/Lock In Different Positions


Most suctions cup mounts will only work on glass so you're limited to use on the windshield. However, this Macally dMount is made specifically for the dashboard (the more practical place to mount your phone).

The Macally dMount is a heavy-duty car dash board mount that will fit any/all cell phones. There are 5 adjustable parts so you can customize multiple angles/positions.

Keep your phone in one fixed place while you drive. The dMount will adhere and stay on most flat dash boards. The adjustable design gives you the freedom to customize - have the perfect view of your phone while keeping your eyes on the road. The rotatable grip expands to accommodate even the largest smart phones on the market.

Begin the installation by first peeling the film off the suction cup. Press firm against dashboard, twist the dial on the base to create a tight vacuum seal and the mount is locked secure. To remove the unit, simply unlock and pull the release tab.

The side arms will expand and contract so you can mount many different devices such as cell phone, MP3 player, GPS, etc. The minimum width is 1.5" and the maximum width is 4.1". The ability to customize the size makes this compatible with any cell phone.

The top portion of the mount will turn/lock in different positions 360 degrees. Our iPhone looks really cool when displayed horizontal - great position to utilize GPS or watch videos or navigate though music player.

This is ideal for phones equipped with GPS and/or music players. Now you can keep your device close to you and at a convenient view. Also great for hand-free use with: Bluetooth headset, wired headset, speakerphone, turn-by-turn navigation, car charger or music transmitter. Many state laws require hands-free use of the phone in the car. Be safe and obey the law with a brand new car mount!

This item is brand new in nice retail package so it would make a great gift!