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  • $7.75
  • Save $12.24


  • Apple iPad 2nd Generation (A1395, A1396, A1397)
  • Apple iPad 3rd Generation (A1403, A1416, A1430)
  • Apple iPad 4th Generation (A1458, A1459, A1460)
  • *Please Note: This is not for iPad 1st Gen, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro

Quick Description

  • Unique design provides audio amplification so you can hear acoustics louder/better
  • This rear shell is designed to compliment Apple's SmartCover
  • Durable hardshell case to provide maximum back protection for your iPad
  • Soft-touch matte rubberized powder coating
  • Brand new in retail packaging


This Macally case used to sell in retail stores for 19.99. We’re having a closeout sale on all remaining inventory. This is your opportunity to get a top-notch premium quality rear cover at a fraction of the original price.

This Macally “SmartMate” case is ideal for people who already have the Apple "SmartCover." Also a great cover for someone looking to add some extra protection to their iPad. The ingenious Audio Amplification design is a feature everyone is sure to enjoy!

PROBLEM: As you know, the "SmartCover" will only protect the front of your iPad. The back of your iPad is EXPOSED and you want to protect it....

SOLUTION: This Macally "SmartMate" is designed specifically to work with the Apple "SmartCover." Simply snap this case on the back of your iPad. The hinges of the "SmartCover" lock secure into the grooves on the "SmartMate." Now your iPad will be totally protected front and back.

FEATURES: The case is made of thick durable plastic that has been treated with rubberized powder coating for enhanced durability. Your iPad is fully functional in the case with access to camera, headset, speaker, charger, volume, mute, power, etc. Your "SmartCover" will still be fully functional and you can still use all the prop/stand configurations.

AUDIO AMPLIFIER: This is a great feature that we have not seen elsewhere. As you know the speaker is on the back of your iPad - this case has a slightly elevated chamber that redirects the sound toward you. This case uses simple old-school acoustic science to make your iPad sound better/louder

COLOR: This offer is for the BLACK color.

COMPATIBILITY: This case was developed for the iPad-3. It also perfectly fits iPad-2 and iPad-4. This will not fit other model iPads such as iPad 1st Gen, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro.

CONDITION: This case is brand new in nice retail packaging.

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