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  • Universal
  • Made for phones with standard micro usb port

Quick Description

  • Simply Dock And Charge Your Phone
  • Compatible With Most Protective Cases
  • Turn The Dial To Raise Or Lower Connector
  • Great For Your Desk Or Bedside Dresser
  • Flexible Connector For Easy Undocking


The Omni cradle is unique because the micro usb connector is adjustable. There is a dial on the back of the cradle so you can adjust the height of the connector. Turn to the left and the connector will raise upward. Turn the dial to the right and the connector will descend. This adjustability allows you to dock the phone with a protective case.

This product is essential at your desk or workstation. Simple design and no weird installation necessary...just dock your phone in the cradle and it will charge.

FEATURES: This is new "Omni" model offered by KiDiGi. The slim/sleek streamline design looks great on your desk. The micro usb connection is a flexible connector that will pivot forward and backward. This will protect your charger port from tempered damage. The bottom base is lined with rubber coating so it will not slide around.

VIEW: The cradle holds phone at a comfortable viewing angle so you can keep tabs on your phone while sitting at your desk. It will put your phone on display so you can charge and video conference hands-free.

CHARGE PROTECTION & SYNC: The cradle supports data synchronization with Mac or PC. Cradle is IC Certified with integrated smart-chip to prevent overcharge. You can place your phone in the cradle overnight without worrying about overcharging. USB cable included so you can link to computer or a wall adapter.

SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions 68.5x100x17mm. DC 5V 1.5A. Weight 120g. CE & ROHS certified.

CASE COMPATIBILITY: This will fit the vast majority of covers. Thickness of your case will probably not be an'll just want to make sure your case has a cutout for the charger port so it can dock. The cradle will not accommodate cases that block your charger port.