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  • Universal
  • Made for phones with standard micro usb port

Quick Description

  • Simply Dock And Charge Your Phone. USB Cable and Wall Adapter Included
  • Removable Insert So You Can Dock The Phone With or Without A Protective Case
  • Will Even Accommodate Most Thick and Rugged Cases
  • Ideal for Your Desk or Nightstand
  • Makes Charging Your Phone More Convenient


You’ll love the convenience of this docking station! No more searching around for cables – this will be THE dedicated location to charge your phone. This dock is ideal for your desk or nightstand.

UNIQUE DESIGN: This is the only cradle on the market specifically made to fit your phone with your thick/rugged case. The dock is compatible with many rugged cases such as: Otterbox, Ballistic, Case-Mate, Speck and virtually any other case.

REMOVABLE INSERT: Have a case on your phone? Simply remove the gray insert and now there is enough clearance to fit the phone while in the case. If you don't have a case on your phone, then leave the insert in the cradle and your phone will fit perfect.

FORM-FIT & FLEX CONNECTOR: This is new "Rugged" design offered by KiDiGi, however this model is slimmer than other KiDiGi cradles in the past. The streamline design looks great on your desk. The micro usb connection is a flexible connector that will pivot forward and backward. This will protect your charger port from tempered damage.

PROTECTION & SYNC: The cradle supports data synchronization with Mac or PC. Cradle is IC Certified with integrated smart-chip to prevent overcharge. You can place your phone in the cradle overnight without worrying about overcharging. Both USB cable and AC adapter are included.

SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions 96x96x50mm. DC 5V 1.5A. Weight 92.5g. Model LCC-OMB. CE & ROHS certified.

PHONE COMPATIBILITY: This is universal for devices with standard micro usb connection bottom/center. (orientation of the micro-usb connector is flat side toward the back, angled side toward the front)

CASE COMPATIBILITY: This will fit the vast majority of cases. Thickness of your case will not be an'll just want to make sure your case has a good-sized cutout for the charger port so it can dock.

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