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  • Universal*
  • Adjustable design makes this cradle versatile and compatible with many phones.
  • Made for phones that have a micro usb charger port on the side of the phone. (orientation of the micro-usb connector is flat side toward the back, angled side toward the front)

Quick Description

  • Charge Phone And/Or Sync Your Phone
  • Adjustable Base Allows You To Fit The Phone With A Case/Cover
  • Compatible With Many Phone Models
  • AC Adapter Included. USB Cable Included
  • Great For Your Desk Or Bedside Dresser


The KiDiGi horizontal cradle will charge/sync your device and offers excellent landscape viewing. This is made for devices that have standard micro usb port on the side of phone. You’ll love the convenience of this docking station! No more searching around for cables – this will be THE dedicated location to charge your phone. This dock is ideal for your desk or nightstand.

ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The micro-usb connector on the cradle can pivot left, right, front, back. This adjustable design makes this cradle compatible with many different phones. In addition, the adjustable design allows you to fit the phone with a protective case. In general, the cradle will fit your traditional thin phone covers: snap on cases, TPU candy skins, rubber skins.

CONVENIENT VIEW: The cradle holds your phone in the horizontal position - this landscape mode looks cool and provides a comfortable viewing angle for watching movies, videos, etc. The cradle has a sleek and glossy black finish - looks great on your desk. The elegant and compact design is also great for on your bedside dresser - handy for those who use their phone as an alarm clock.

CHARGE PROTECTION & SYNC: The cradle is IC Certified with integrated smart-chip to prevent overcharge. You can place your phone in the cradle overnight without worrying about overcharging. Both USB cable and AC adapter are included.

SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions 147x66x41mm. 100-240V. Output DC 5V 1.5A. Weight 100g.