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  • $11.75
  • Save $10.24


  • LG Stylo-3
  • LG Stylus-3

Quick Description

  • Protective Case with Black Carbon Fiber Pattern
  • Matte Design Will Not Show Those Messy Fingerprints; Case Will Look Great All Day Long
  • Hard Polycarbonate Backside/Trim Provides Impact Protection
  • Flexible Inner Skin and Elevated Corners Provides Shock Absorption
  • Your Phone Is Fully Functional In This Case with Access to All Ports


This Tough Hybrid case combines professional carbon fiber design with rugged protection. The similar style name-brand case retails for 34.95. Buy here and save!

MATERIAL: This case is two materials. The inner layer is made of flexible TPU rubber material. This component will provide enhanced grip and shock absorption – especially at the 4 corners of the phone where you’ll need it most. The rear shell is made of hard polycarbonate that has a matte finish. This component will provide impact/drop protection.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone is 100% fully functional in the case with access to headset, charger, camera, flash, speaker. The TPU rubber skin has the mold of the volume buttons so they are protected and you can still feel/use them.

ADVANTAGES: Rugged protection without excessive bulk. It is well manufactured and fits like a glove. The case is easy to take out of your pocket - does not get caught like a traditional rubber skins. This is a great investment...You won't have to worry any more when you drop your phone. The screen is recessed within the case for protection. The pattern on the back of the case looks cool and does not show fingerprints.

DESIGN: The back plate features black carbon fiber pattern. It looks cool and professional, and it will also resist fingerprints (so your case will remain looking great all day long).

COLOR: This offer is for the BLACK color. The rubber skin is black and the carbon fiber pattern is black.

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