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Quick Description

  • Rugged Case with Reinforced Corners Offers Protection From Shock/Impact
  • Belt Clip Holster Included - Will Turn/Lock In Different Positions
  • Includes Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Features Built-In Kickstand So You Can Prop Phone Horizontal and Watch Videos Hands-Free
  • Credit Card Slot Storage. Bonus Lanyard Wrist Strap Included


The Tri-Shield Case is impressive because it combines all the key elements that you desire: screen protection, drop protection, kickstand viewing, enhanced grip and one-of-a-kind design. When you consider the included carrying accessories (belt clip holster and wrist lanyard) this Tri-Shield case is an unbeatable value.

TEMPERED GLASS: We’ve all seen someone using a phone with a broken screen….You don’t want to be "that guy." The case includes a tempered glass screen protector. Apply this to your screen for protection from cracks.

KICKSTAND: Back of the case features built-in kickstand feature so you can prop your phone in horizontal position on a table/desk. This is ideal for watching movies and YouTube videos - also handy for those who use their phone as an alarm clock!

DROP PROTECTION: This rugged case is made to withstand those accidental drops. The inner layer is flexible TPU rubber material and the reinforced corners will provide shock absorption. The exterior hard shell provides impact resistance.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone is fully functional in the case. Small plugs protect your ports from dust/debris. The case also has the mold of the volume buttons and power button so they are protected and you can still feel/use them.

CUSTOM HOLSTER: This also comes with a belt clip. This holster is made to fit the phone with case. The design allows you to insert the phone face-inward for optimal protection. The industrial clip will turn/lock in 20 positions.

MORE FEATURES: This comes prepackaged with a wrist strap lanyard - you can attach this strap to any of the four corners. Remove the hard cover and you'll also see a secret credit card compartment.

COLOR/STYLE: This design is called "AUTUMN CAMO LEAVES". The camouflage design embodies rugged individualism, frontier grit and a spirit of survival.

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