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  • Universal

Quick Description

  • Portable Charger For Your Phone Or Tablet
  • Massive 5000mAh Capacity
  • Turn On The Juice Anytime, Anywhere
  • Recharge Battery Pack; Use Over And Over Again
  • Ideal For Travel, Vacations Or Everyday Use


The Power Bank features dual USB ports so you can charge 2 devices at the same time. The USB port on the left is 500mA - that will transmit enough juice to charge a cell phone or iPod. The USB port on the right is more powerful 1A port- that will transmit more juice. You can use that port to charge a tablet such as iPad, iPad-2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, Amazon Kindle. etc.

How to Charge the Power Bank: The device comes with a mini-usb cable. Plug mini-usb side into the Power Bank; plug regular USB side into computer. (will also charge up with any mini-usb wall charger or mini-usb car charger) Once fully charged you have yourself portable power!

How to Charge Your Phone/iPad/etc: Now, link the Power Bank to your device with the included cable. Press power button and your phone will receive the charge. How cool is that? You can charge your phone anytime, anywhere. A fully charged Power Bank has enough juice to charge a typical cell phone or iPod complete 3-5 times. Once you have drained the Power Bank after charging your phone a few cycles, simply recharge the Power Bank - you can use it time and time again.

It's Portable: The Power Bank is a little bigger than an iPhone. Measurements 4.3" x 2.75" x .63" (110x70x16mm). The Power Bank weighs only 5.5oz. Keep it in your briefcase, purse, locker, backpack, pocket or fanny pack (does anyone wear those anymore).

Connectors and Compatibility Info: We've included 7 different adapters - making this compatible with hundreds of phone models. See images below of the 7 adapters. Note, you do not necessary have to use the adapters we provide....You can also use also the USB cable that came with your phone.

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