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  • Samsung Galaxy S4

Quick Description

  • Simply Dock And Charge Your Phone
  • Hdmi Compatible - Transmit Images, Movies, Photos, Games From Your Phone To The Big Screen!
  • Removable Insert So You Can Dock The Phone And Accommodate Case/Cover
  • Great For Your Desk Or Bedside Dresser
  • Ac Adapter Included. USB Cable Included


With the KiDiGi HDMI cradle you can view your phone's content on the BIG SCREEN! The cradle also allows you to dock the phone while in a case.

This product is essential at your desk or workstation. Simple design and no weird installation necessary...just dock your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone in the cradle and the phone will charge.

REMOVABLE INSERT: If you don't have a case on your phone then leave the insert in the cradle and your phone will fit perfect. Have a cover on your phone? Simply remove the insert and now there is enough clearance to fit the phone while in the case. The cradle will fit your traditional slim phone covers up to 1.6mm thickness: snap on cases, TPU candy skins, rubber skins.

HDMI COMPATIBLE: Unlike most cradles on the market, this cradle features HDMI port on the back. You can plug an HDMI cable into the back of the cradle and transmit your viewing experience to another HDMI-ready device (such as television, monitor, etc). Now you'll be able to view your pictures/movies/games/internet on the BIG SCREEN! An HDMI cable is not include in the package but we offer them in our store.

VIEW: Cradle holds phone at a comfortable viewing angle so you can keep tabs on your phone while sitting at your desk.

CHARGE PROTECTION: The cradle is IC Certified with integrated smart-chip to prevent overcharge. You can place your phone in the cradle overnight without worrying about overcharging. Both USB cable and AC adapter are included.

SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions 90x75x50mm. Input DC 5V 1000mA. Input USB 5V 500mA. Weight 100g. Model LCM-SI95. CE & ROHS certified.

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