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  • Universal for Smartphones/iPhones

Quick Description

  • Drive Safe and Go Hands-Free In The Car. Magnetic Mounting is Quick and Easy
  • Four Metal Plates Included - All Different Shape/Size (Rectangle, Circle, Diamond, Heart)
  • Universal All Smartphones - Attach the Metal Plate to Your Phone or Your Phone's Case
  • Adjust the Length of the Telescopic Arm to Your Preference; Mount to Window or Dash
  • Safe Neodymium Magnet, 50% More Powerful than Regular Magnets, Securely Holds Any Smartphone in Place and Allows for Easy Attachment/Detachment


The Macally cupholder mounts have been the #1 rated and best selling car mounts for several years. Well, Macally has added a new mount to their lineup that features magnetic connection. The TELEMAG can mount to your windshield or dashboard and it's equipped with a telescopic arm.

TELESCOPIC ARM: Adjust the length and position of the mount based on your preference. The strong telescopic arm extends up to 6.5" to bring iPhone/smartphone within close viewing distance. The suction cup makes an airtight seal on your windshield. Alternatively, use the included base disc to mount to dashboard.

MAGNETIC CONVENIENCE: Are you tired of complicated car mounts with clamps that require two hands? This mount uses magnetic connection that makes displaying your phone quick and convenient! Now you'll be able to safely mount your phone in the blink of an eye.

FOUR ADAPTERS: Includes 4 different metal adapters that vary in shape and size: rectangle, circle, heart, diamond. Choose the adapter that best suits your needs/style. Since you have multiple adapters, you can equip multiple devices.

UNIVERSAL: Place one of the 3M magnets on the back of your phone (or on your phone's case). Now you can quickly attach/detach your device to the mount. No more messing around with adjustable clamps!

COMPATIBILITY: This is universal for all smartphones and iPhones. 100% safe Neodymium magnet is 50% more powerful than regular magnets.

RESTRICTIONS: This is safe to use with smartphones and iPhones but do NOT use with "iPod classic" or any device with hard drive. The strong magnetic fields of the Neodymium magnet that is a part of this product can damage magnetic hard drives and other similar devices.

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