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PureGear Clear Slim Shell Case Hard Cover for LG Aristo 2 Plus, Tribute Dynasty

  • $6.79
  • Save $23.20


  • LG Aristo-2 (LM-X210), LG Aristo 2 Plus, LG Aristo (MS210)
  • LG Zone 4 (LM-X210VPP), Tribute Dynasty (SP200), LG Phoenix-3 (M150)
  • LG K8 (2018), LG K8+ (2018), LG K8 (2017)
  • LG Fortune 2 (LM-X210), LG Fortune (M153), LG Risio-2 (M154), LG Risio-3 (LM-X210)
  • LG Rebel-2 (L58VL), LG Rebel-3 (L158VL), LG Rebel-4 (L212VL)

Quick Description

  • Premium Quality PureGear Brand
  • See-Thru Design Will Showcase the Original Appearance of Your Phone
  • Form-Fit Design Keeps Your Phone Slim; Stylish Metal Buttons
  • Your Phone Remains Fully Functional In Case With Access To All Ports
  • Brand New In Retail Package


The PureGear Slim-Shell case is a premium phone cover that retails for 29.99. This case provides excellent hard shell protection and preserves the original appearance of your phone.

DESIGN: The main selling point of the Slim-Shell is, of course, its slim/sleek design. The streamline structure provides complete protection with its rigid polycarbonate construction. The edges are infused with semi-flexible TPU material so its easy to grip.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone is fully functional in the case with access to all ports. You’ll especially like the responsiveness (and look) of the exterior chrome volume/power buttons.

MATERIAL: The case is one piece construction made of mostly hard polycarbonate. Your screen is recessed within the case for protection - will not touch the surface when placing your phone on a table face down.

This is a great investment! You will eventually drop your phone. A hard cover offers peace of mind and better protection than a soft flimsy skin. If you keep your phone clean and scratch-free, that will improve your resale value down the road.

COLOR: This offer is for the CLEAR version. The back panel is 100% transparent and the trim is clear. The see-thru design will showcase the original design and beauty of your LG phone.

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