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  • ZTE Grand X Max 2
  • ZTE Imperial Max
  • ZTE Max Duo 4G LTE
  • ZTE Kirk

Quick Description

  • Anti-Shock Flexible TPU Rubber Interior Keeps Phone Secure and Safe
  • Hard Polycarbonate Backside/Trim Provides Impact Protection
  • Brushed Metal Design Looks Svelt and Stealthy
  • Use the Case as a Kickstand to Prop Your Phone and Watch Videos
  • Rugged Case with Wallet Slot to Store Credit Card


This Rugged Shell Case is ready to protect your phone from life’s mishaps and its unique design will also allow you to use the case as a viewing stand or wallet.

DUAL LAYER: This is a hybrid case that offers two layers of protection. The inner layer is made of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. The TPU material is flexible like tough rubber and fits like a glove. The interior is ribbed with a dimple pattern designed to absorb shock. The hard polycarbonate back plate offers excellent impact resistance. Your touchscreen is recessed within the case for protection - will not touch the surface when face-down on a table.

BRUSHED METAL DESIGN: The rear is made of polycarbonate but the pattern/texture looks like matte brushed metal. The pattern looks really cool and professional. In addition, the matte finish will resist fingerprints. Many other cases on the market are “fingerprint magnets” but this case will stay looking great all day long.

CREDIT CARD STORAGE: The back of the case features a slot where you can stow a credit card, business card, ID card, etc. One credit card fits perfect. You might be able to cram in one more card but that may compromise the fit. Now you can ditch your wallet, carry less and simplify your life. This is great for everyday use and ideal for those quick trips to the store when you just need to grab your debit card. Also very convenient to use at the gym - toss your gym pass in the slot and you're ready to go!

VIEWING STAND: There is a crease on the left side of the case - This is intended to be a placeholder so you can use the case as a viewing stand. Simply prop a credit card or ID card in that crease and you’ve made a kickstand. Now you can prop your phone in horizontal position on a table/desk. This is ideal for watching movies and YouTube videos!

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