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Hybrid Glitter Flex Skin Case Hard Cover for Apple iPhone XS Max (10s Max)

  • $12.75
  • Save $7.24


  • Apple iPhone Xs Max

Quick Description

  • Gorgeous and Chic Case Delivers Fashionable iPhone Protection
  • Glitter Panel Embedded in the Clear Case = NO MESSY PARTICLES
  • Flexible Trim with Hard Acrylic Rear Provides Both Impact AND Shock Protection
  • Unique Multi-Layer Glitter Pattern Delivers an IMMENSE Shimmer of Twinkles
  • *WARNING - This Case May Cause Excessive Compliments...You've Been Warned!


*WARNING - This case may cause excessive compliments from friends, family and complete strangers. The Glitter Hybrid Case is glamorous with an incredible array of shimmering sparkles.

The Glitter Hybrid Case is not only chic, its protective. This cover offers impact protection, shock absorption and slim design.

IMMENSE SHIMMER: The glitter panel is embedded in the clear case so it will remain in perfect condition. You'll see an intense shimmer of dazzling sparkles and never have to worry about losing your bling. You have to see this case in person!

HYBRID CASE: This case offers two layers of protection. The front trim around the phone is flexible TPU material. The TPU material is like tough rubber - it's flexible and fits like a glove. The see-thru acrylic backside provides excellent impact protection. Your screen and camera are recessed within the case for protection - will not touch the surface when face-down on a table. Although this case is 2 layers, it's still slim and "pocketable." The Glitter Hybrid Case offers excellent protection without excess bulk.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone is fully functional in the case. You have direct access to all ports. The flexible skin has the embossed mold of the volume/power buttons so they are protected but you can still feel/use them. Feedback on the buttons is excellent - super easy to press.

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