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  • Samsung Galaxy S3

Quick Description

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Material That Fits Like A Glove
  • TPU + Hard Polycarbonate Fused Together To Create One Cool Case
  • Plugs Protect Your Ports From Dust/Debris
  • Will Not Dent/Scratch And Repels Lint/Dust
  • Matte Texture Will Not Show Fingerprints


The back portion of the case is made of hard polycarbonate with fine matte texture. This material will provide impact protection and the matte finish is nice because it will resist fingerprints. The perimeter of the case is made of rigid yet flexible TPU material. The flexibility allows for easy installation and removal.

WHY IS THIS BETTER THAN A SILICONE SKIN? (1) The traditional rubber/silicone skins are hard to get out of your pocket. Whereas, this material will slide out of your pocket with ease and you still get the soft "grippy" feel in your hand. (2) Silicone skins are flimsy. TPU material will retain it's shape and fits like a glove. (3) Silicone skins will accumulate lint and dust. TPU material will repel lint/dust.

WHY IS THIS BETTER THAN A HARD CASE? Hard cases can be difficult to remove when you need to access your battery or memory card. This cover is easier to to remove so you can access back door quickly. Also, hard plastic cases tend to show fingerprints and look horrible. However, the plastic portion of this case has matte finish to avoid fingerprints.

CUSTOM MADE FOR YOUR PHONE: This case is made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy-S III phone. The item is simple to install. All you do is insert the phone in the case, stretch/wrap around the perimeter and you're set! Your phone is fully functional in the candy skin with access to camera, flash, headset, charger, speaker, etc. Exact perfect fitting for the Galaxy-S III with it's custom cutouts. The case has small plugs that protect the charger port and headset port from dust and debris. You can peel back the plugs to access those ports. With this product, you will be able to function your device and keep it safe.

COLOR: This model has pink perimeter and the backside is matte white.

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