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Quick Description

  • Portable Charger With Built-In Cables
  • Lightning Connector (For iPhone/iPod) And Micro USB Connector (For Android And Other Devices)
  • Internal 5000mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Charge 2 Devices At The Same Time
  • Portable Power. Connect And Charge Your Phone Anytime, Anywhere


This Naztech portable charger has a built-in lighting connector and built-in micro usb connector so you can quickly connect your device and charge on the go without having to carry around extra cables.

INTERNAL BATTERY: The portable charger has an internal 5000mAh battery that is manufactured with high-grade lithium ion cells. Simply connect your phone and it will charge. Now you'll be able to charge your anywhere!

RECHARGE BATTERY: There is a micro usb port on the side of the device. Simply plug in the micro usb cable (included) and you can recharge the device.

MORE POWER: The portable charger is 1A @ 5V DC and it will fully charge your phone multiple times. In general, this will add 40 hours talk time, 42 hours gaming, 210 hours extra music time. Features four LED lights that will show you the amount of charge you have remaining - each light represents 25% charge.

PORTABLE: This is compact and portable, measuring only 3.25" tall and 2" wide. Keep it in your briefcase, backpack, pocket, locker, purse or fanny pack (does anyone wear those anymore). This is great for day-to-day usage. This is especially ideal for travel, vacations, emergency, camping, etc. The possibilities are endless, now you can even charge your phone on an airplane! Sure, you can use traditional car chargers and wall chargers, but a portable charger will give you more versatility. With portable power you can charge anytime, anywhere!

This device is licensed by Apple with MFI certification so you will not get any error messages.

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